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We do great things for businesses with Apple. Our team makes sure to integrate hardware, software, services and solutions in the best way that fits your business needs. We contribute with our customers in their investment in technology through our facilities that best fit small and medium businesses as well as growing enterprises.

MDM Solution

Mobile Device Management solution that help you set up, manage, and protect your Apple devices

✓We provide a full range of mobile device management solutions that help you set up, manage, and protect your Apple devices.
✓ Be assured that the end users will have the resources, apps and services they need while simultaneously having the devices updated and secured.
✓ With Apple Device Management Solutions, you will be able to automatically complete all of these responsibilities all while ensuring an insanely great customer experience.

Restaurant solution / Vertical solutions

iPad based, all-in-one restaurant management solution

✓ We provide solutions for specific industries that will give the best customer experience while the employees enjoy the technology they love.

Deployment and support

Getting you up and running as quickly as possible

✓ Our main focus is getting you up and running as efficiently as possible. We offer Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) along with the right mobile Device Management Solution to quickly deploy your Apple devices while ensuring that they are secure and integrated with your IT environment.
✓ We can also provide you with technical support which covers onsite and remote technical coverage for your business.

Maintenance and repairs

Providing quick fixes for your apple devices

✓ We can offer a customized service contract that fits your budget and business needs. Our service contracts can cover phone, email, remote, and onsite support based on customized service level agreements.
✓ The service contracts can also include repairs, where we can collect, repair and send you the equipment back fixed all based on a pay as go quotes or fixed SLAs.


In depth training that helps you get the most out of Apple hardware/software and solutions

✓ We provide in depth training that helps you get the most out of Apple hardware/software and solutions. Investing in our training sessions will get your tech /IT staff the most out of Apple while keeping up to date with the new equipment and technology all while giving the end users the best of Apple work experience and making it easy for PC to Mac switchers.

Credit terms

Credit means greater flexibility

✓ Credit means greater flexibility. We can offer credit terms to our business partners based on their budget and needs if eligible.

Trade in

We make it easy for you to own the device you want at a lower price

✓ We can help you upgrade to a new environment by buying back your old device and put it towards an investment in your new devices.


The ideal lease that benefits your cash flow

✓ We can make sure that your IT environment devices are up to date. You can invest in the latest technologies and keep your devices up to date all while maintaining your cash flow with a minimal initial investment.

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